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Branding and Identity Development

Corporate image management and identity creation is my specialty. I have worked with a number of companies to help refine established identities or create entirely new images for their organizations.

North American Financial Services

This financial services company needed an image that conveyed stability and authority. I created a branding system, coordinated with their affiliates, organized annual meetings, and produced all of their marketing materials.


Leverage Life

I created the logo and visual branding for this company. Leverage Life is a work-life balance and concierge company with customers all over the United States.

Magellan Award

Leverage Life won the League of American Communications Professionals Magellan Award two years in a row for it's branding campaigns and was one of the top 50 campaigns in 2008.

Leverage Life has since been acquired by ACI Specialty Benefits.


GM Service Know-How

When General Motors consolidated all of its dealership technical training I had the privilege of creating the entire look-and-feel of the new program. This included logo design, print templates, video sets, and animation sequences.


Logo Montage

I have produced many logos and identity systems for a variety of companies, products, and charitable organizations. As you can see above, each one is entirely unique. MY style isn't what matters - what really matters is creating the desired emotion in the customer.