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Check out the
latest game I worked
on with the guys from
Future Help Designs!

It is currently available for
download at the Apple App Store.

Game Design

I really enjoy designing games (Almost as much as I enjoy PLAYING games).

Mobile Mountain

Innovative Learning Group wanted a game developed for their holiday card. If you make it to
the bottom of Mobile Mountain you can win yourself a free mobile app! Try it here...


Mobile Game Development

I've worked a lot with Future Help Designs to develop a few mobile games.
You can find out more about the specific apps on the Mobile page of this site.


Airplane Flyer

Guide your airplane through some pretty unbelievable obstacles for your chance at a bulls eye.
You can choose seven different levels of difficulty! Try it here...


Greetings Game

This is a twist on the old Simon game. Only this time, you need to remember the correct order
that the Bible Scouts greeted you. Try it here...



Here's another Bible Scouts game developed in Flash. This one is a simplified version of Sudoku.
It has three difficulty levels and you can try it here.