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Here are a few examples of illustration work I have done for various publications and events.
I can work in many different styles depending on the need of the project.

Big House Big Heart

I was able to design a couple of tee shirts for this annual event. The Big House Big Heart race starts and finishes at the University of Michigan's famous football stadium—The Big House. You actually get to run through the Big House tunnel and finish the race on the 50 yard line!


Mensa Bulletin Cover

This is an illustration I did for the cover of the Mensa Bulletin. The theme that month was
"Burning, Thorny Issues."



This illustration accompanied an article that I wrote for the War Cry Magazine (published by the Salvation Army).


Two Friends

I do most of my portait work in pencil or watercolor.


Bible Scouts Process Sketch

Illustrating children's books is one of my favorite things to do! I love to interpret the stories in a way that speaks directly to the kids.

This is one of my character development sketches for the Bible Scouts. You can learn more about this particular project at



Phil la Duke is a safety and training specialist. He wrote a great article that explains why many companies do a poor job of safety training, why the participants rarely retain or apply the things they learn, and how to correct both issues.

He solved the problem - I drew a cartoon.

It wasn't an equally shared burden, but you can see the result of our collaboration at Fabricating & Metalworking Magazine's Web Site.